Troubleshooting iOS

Handi SOS Troubleshooting

I can’t download the Handi SOS App.

Check you are using a compatable version of iOS (9.0) or Android (6.0).

My Handi SOS keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

Your battery is probably loose. Open Handi SOS and remove the battery. Reinsert the battery and put Handi SOS back together.

My SOS messages aren’t sending

Connecton: Check you’re paired and have a strong connection in the ‘Device’ option. Obstructions such as walls will effect the strength of the connection.

Invalid number: Check you have selected a contact with a valid mobile phone number.

When receiving a SOS alert, there’s no location Pin in Google Maps.

Got to:

Settings > Safari > Clear history and website data.

My Handi SOS won’t pair to the app.

 If you’re getting an error message saying “Not Found – Please try again”, it could be for any of the following reasons:

Too many Handi SOS gadgets nearby: Remove other Handi SOS gadgets from the area.

Connection: Your Handi SOS is not close enough to your phone.

There’s a problem with your battery: Try pressing Handi SOS so the blue light appears. If it doesn’t, press and hold for 5-10 seconds to turn off, then again to turn on. If the problem persists, take apart your Handi SOS and remove the battery then insert again. If this does not solve the problem, replace the battery. If after following all these steps the blue light doesn’t show, please get in touch.