We love charities, and charities love Handi SOS

This is what a few of them had to say..

All our team lone work with people in the community. Currently we rely on an awkward check in and out system which is too easily forgotten. Handi SOS will save time checking people are safe and as our team is hugely stretched, anything that saves time is a Godsend.

CAPITAL Project Trust


This would have a huge impact on the safety of hospice nurses working in the local community with the vulnerable people they are looking after. To know that they have got the back up of such cutting edge technology will reassure both staff and patients.

Butterwick Hospice Care


Handi SOS would give us peace of mind when counselling highly emotional and stressed people, enabling us to operate more effectively.

Acorn Pregnancy Counselling Centre


We have session leaders running family cycling activities in parks, they are often alone setting up and packing away, these buttons would provide peace of mind.

Wheely Tots


The devices would help protect our staff and volunteers who go out into Schools and Colleges to deliver sessions on Anti-knife crime and gangs. It would also protect our staff when delivering mentoring sessions with Young People who are potentially on the verge of knife crime and gang violence.

Drop the Knife Interest Community Company


The devices would be given to our homeless outreach workers who work throughout the county. Many times they are lone working in isolated areas, which poses a potential risk to their safety. Other staff will know what area they are in but not their precise location—therefore this device would be an additional security measure should an emergency arise, both if they have an accident or if they are attacked by a service user or by a member of the public.

Maggs Day Centre


It would allow our volunteers to ask for help quickly if faced by a difficult person or danger to the public.

Keats Community Library


we would find this comforting especially when lone working.

Paxton Green Time Bank


These would be fantastic for my home checkers while they are conducting their house check. As you never know what your walking into till you get there; also I am disabled so one of these would be vital in my rescue 🙂

Seven Strays Dog Rescue


We work with isolated and vulnerable pregnant women some who are fleeing domestic violence. Some of these women live in highly disadvantaged areas and the visits could pose a personal security risk, which has sadly happened previously. It would be fantastic for our staff to have one of these devices for peace of mind.

Bethel Health & Healing Network


Because the people who work with us are all vulnerable in some way, this would enable them to work with more confidence and more safety.

Gateway North East


A device like this would help protect our lone volunteers who regularly liter pick and clean up on our conservation site

Westley Vale Millennium Green Trust


We have members who don’t go out for fear of falling or getting unwell and not being able to get help. A Device that they dont have to carry in their pocket or bag would give them the ability to get out and see people . Helping them keep their marbles working.

Heston & Isleworth Old People’s Welfare Committee


This would be great for safeguarding volunteers when leaving work in the evenings.



The majority of our volunteers are women and can often run the events alone or with one other. They are events which are attended by children and their families so it’s quite a responsibility. To have this extra level of safety would be reassuring for our volunteers.

Kids Run Free


Our volunteers and staff are all lone workers visiting complex vulnerable families in their own homes. We have a system in place where staff or volunteers can call the office and give a code word if they feel unsafe. This device would be a far more practical solution.

Home-Start Watford and Three Rivers


We have Family Support Workers who support children and young adults with autism and their families. Our work includes home visits, supporting people with mental health illness, situations where domestic violence occurs, and vulnerable people. We are a small local charity who are a “life line” to families. We provide expert friendly advice and nurturing support, while always assessing risky situations and the need to keep our valuable staff safe. Handi SOS would be a reassuring safety tool and put our team at ease knowing that help could be requested if needed, including the useful location data.

Autism Family Support Oxfordshire


We were previously had some ‘rape’ alarms donated to the charity but these have run out now. The Handi SOS devices are more up to date. They would add extra reassurance to our volunteers as we are always concerned about their safety. The devices look very ‘Handy’.

West Sussex Mediation Service


With Handi SOS, our staff would be able to ask for assistance instantly whilst being able to concentrate on the safety of our clients without having to try to make a phone call.

Halton Play Council


Our operation is out of hours Monday to Sunday throughout the year in a rented space. We have experienced severe illness among our rough sleeping guests e.g. hypothermia or dehydration in extreme weather, violence between guests and an attempt to take drugs or drink on the premises. A Handi SOS would enable us to contact the emergency services.

Big Breakfast Plus


our volunteers provide a range of services include collecting elderly and often vulnerable residents to take them to a range of services, we are expanding our services to include home deliveries to vulnerable residents, there have been occasions where the volunteers have had to call the emergency services for assistance

Trawden Forest Community Centre


Handi SOS would give us first hand This could be a life saving intervention for some of our most high risk victims and we would love to be able to offer this help and if financially viable could roll-out to the thousands of high risk women we support each year. We support over 16,000 women and children each year. Having something like this device to provide an extra layer of safety will have practical and emotional benefits to those who are trying to rebuild their lives after abuse.

Solace Women’s Aid


We are a very small team, so we often have to work alone in the office. Our charity treats people in a clinical setting, which means we have drugs, needles etc on the premises, and have already had a near break in. During the day our Centre is open so anyone can walk in off the street. We want to make sure our staff and patients are safe.

National Migraine Centre


It would be great to offer a way of protecting our volunteers on home visits and support a new company promote such a simple, but great device.

RSPCA West Suffolk Branch


Our volunteers will feel more safe when working alone in the centre and around the community. Our centre is an open space that anyone can walk into at anytime of day or night, they may suffer from issues that our volunteers are unable to deal with, these devices will make them feel safe and us as managers will feel we are protecting them.

Together in Matson


We want Handi SOS to ensure the safety of both staff and clients and maintain the quality of our work.

MIND (Hertfordshire)


We are a dog rescue and are often in high pressure and tense environments when we are removing dogs. It would be really beneficial to have Handi SOS devices if we ever find ourselves in a tricky situation. In the past we have been in awkward situations by entering homes with drug activity, for example.

Staffie and Stray Rescue


Our mission is to enhance the lives of adult unpaid carers. There are approximately 7 million carers in the UK and we know there are more than 63,000 in Worcestershire. One of the biggest issues for carers is getting a break from their caring role. Around 30% of carers never get a break as they are too worried about leaving a loved one and of the other 70% around 9 in 10 of those have felt depressed or anxious about their caring role. We offer the opportunity for carers to have a break but they are often worried about leaving the person they care for even for short time. These devices would allow carers the opportunity to get their hail done, do some shopping, even pop to town for coffee with a friend knowing that if their loved one needed help it would just take the push of a button. It would also mean if they were out with the person they care for and needed help they could use the button to alert the attention of someone that could assist them, whether a friend, family member or the emergency services as finding and using a phone in these circumstances isn’t always practical. We hear too often of elderly people having falls and being stuck for hours. We feel this kind of device would assist our carers and those they care for in a life changing way.

Worcestershire Association of Carers


The Handi SOS device could not only give peace of mind for the every day job but in a serious incident situation will allow help to be sent to the correct location saving valuable time. We are a small charity who gives free furniture to those in need and we can’t afford to ‘lose’ temporarily or otherwise, any of our employees because the work would ground to a halt-but we must recognise that they enter all manner of environments and it is our duty to do all we can to keep them safe. Peace of mind isn’t something you can measure but I can see these Handi SOS devices delivering peace of mind with every delivery we make.

Spencer Contact Furniture Reuse Charity


We are a small charity dedicated to improving quality of life for rurally isolated people in our community, giving them independence through taking them out on essential shopping trips, lunch trips & visits to places of interest by providing them with community transport in a region where there is no real public transport alternative. Many of the people we help wouldn’t otherwise be able to leave their own homes & they describe our service as a “lifeline”. To provide this service, our drivers deliver a door to door service & then drive people long distances over several hours. During these trips there are potential emergencies which could occur & the driver would have to deal with, for example a passenger could trip or fall or have some kind of medical emergency whilst away from home. For our drivers to have Handi SOS devices would be amazing as they would be able to summon help in an emergency situation, very possibly in a remote or rural location, with just the press of a button!

Holsworthy Rural Community Transport