TAG – Anti-Loss for Keys & Kids


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Never lose your belongings or your kids with TAG. Pair TAG with your phone and when TAG is out of range, an alarm will sound on your phone and on TAG. Attach TAG to your belongings or give TAGs to your kids to alert you to when they are out of range.

TAG uses Geofencing technology to create a wireless tether, linking you to your possessions, pets or children.


  • Replaceable CR2032 battery (included) battery life 6-10 months
  • Distance selection – 25ft. 40ft. or 60ft.
  • Sound alerts from TAG and app when TAG is out of selected range
  • Low power alarm
  • Long standby time
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Free mobile app, search ‘iSearching’ on Google Play or the App Store (for Android and iOS)
  • Dimensions 52mm x 31mm
  • Compact and Light Design
  • Low Energy Consumption Anti-Loss Alarm
  • Support Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Suitable for all belongings, such as your wallet, car, kids, pets, bags, suitcase ect.



User Manual:

(not supplied, please refer to this online manual)

1. Download the ‘iSearching‘ app on your Android or Apple device




2. Turn TAG on by pressing and holding for 3 seconds, 2 beeps indicate the Tag is now ON


3. Pair to TAG by pressing ‘Connect’ in the ‘iSearching’ app to pair with TAG (make sure your Bluetooth is ON)



4. Once paired, click the right chevron/arrow



5. Select ‘Anti Loss’



6. Select NEAR (25ft), CENTRE (40ft) or Long (60ft) range. When the TAG passes the selected distance, an alarm will sound on the paired phone and TAG.



You’re all set up!



  • When TAG is out of the selected range, the paired mobile and TAG will sound the alarm.
  • To STOP the alarm on the paired phone and TAG, press here and the button on TAG when back in selected range. The alarms will continue to sound.
  • TAG will slow alarm when TAG is ON but no paired to the phone.
  • Turn TAG OFF by pressing and holding for 3 seconds, the long beep indicates the Tag is now OFF


**extra features are available on the iSearching App. Handi Technologies Ltd do not endorse these extra features as they are in early stage development.