New Features & Future App Updates

New Features & Future App Updates

Handi SOS New Features & Future App Updates

Updates and new features for Handi SOS coming in 2019 – check them out!

iOS App – Great news! Our number 1 request has been heard! iOS support is just around the corner. We’ve been working with one of the best developers around to get Handi SOS to the iPhone and other iOS devices. We initially ran into a roadblock with Apple when it came to sending SMS messages remotely, which is precisely how Handi SOS works. Luckily we’ve found a talented developer who’s figured out a way – and we’re on it. Development is currently under way and will first be available to one of the biggest Police Services on the planet in April, who’ll be piloting Handi SOS as a safeguarding device to help victims of domestic violence. We hope to bring the iOS version out to the general public as soon as possible.

Battery meter – That’s right, in the coming months you’ll have an app update which will add a battery meter to the Handi SOS App, so you can monitor exactly how much juice that little button has!

Custom Alert Messages – Why not select a custom, specific message suited to your business or personal needs. Need someone to save you from a meeting that’s getting heated? Why not send the word ‘AMBUSH’ to your colleague? Or how about adding a social element to your alert message with ‘I’m at this pub!’. Remember – you’ll have up to 3 groups active at a time – 1 click, double click or 3 second hold, so make sure you always have one with the default SOS alert message activated.

Replaceable Battery – That’s right, you’ll soon be able to replace your Handi SOS battery. One of the best features (in my humble opinion) of Handi SOS is that you don’t need to charge it up every evening; once you put it in your pocket, you can keep it there. The standard edition has a 24 month lifespan – which is a fair amount if I don’t say so myself. We’re currently looking at ways to bring a replaceable battery edition to you, which brings a whole new set of challenges which we’re SO up for overcoming, so watch this space.

We can’t wait to bring these and many, many more updates to you. Handi SOS is a great little gadget that’s about to get better.

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