Handi SOS FAQ's

– Battery charge in your Handi SOS (even a small amount).
– Battery charge in your mobile phone (even a small amount).
– Your phone’s Bluetooth turned on.
– Your Handi SOS button paired with your phone.
– Your Handi SOS in range of your phone (within 30m).
– A small amount of data network connectivity on your phone (Data, not Cellular – even a tiny amount).
– The Handi SOS App running in the background.

– No battery life in your Handi SOS (battery is replaceable)
– No battery charge on your mobile phone (ensure it has sufficient charge).
– Your phone’s Bluetooth is turned off (ensure it is turned On).
– Your Handi SOS button is not paired with your phone (Ensure they are correctly paired) or is OFF. Press and hold Handi SOS 5-10 seconds to turn ON or OFF.
– Your Handi SOS in out of range (Ensure they are within 30 metres).
– No data network connectivity on your phone – Data, not Cellular. Ensure you have a tiny amount of Data connectivity.
– The Handi SOS App stops running in the background / has been ended (Ensure the app is running)

Handi SOS costs £54.99

or grab the Family Pack of 3 for £149.99

For trade enquiries, send us a message at info@handitechnologies.com

For B2B enquiries, price list for bulk orders and the rest, contact our B2B specialist Marcelo Bustamante at marcelo@handitechnologies.com

As well as right here at the Handi SOS online shop, you can purchase Handi SOS from a number of online and retail sports shops across the UK. Check out our Partners, listed on the homepage!

For trade and B2B enquiries, visit our B2B page or email marcelo@handitechnologies.com

After 8-10 months use, you can replace the battery yourself. Check how much battery you have left in the Handi SOS app, and our video guides.

Handi SOS contains a replaceable lithium CR2025 coin battery.

Handi SOS connects to your phone via Bluetooth and remotely sends text messages from your phone when pressed using our dedicated servers.

No, you don’t. The SMS text messages are sent to your emergency contacts when Handi SOS is pressed. As long as the recipient has a mobile phone they will receive the text messages. You can also receive the alert messages to your email address if you have this feature in your email client.

Handi SOS has maximum Bluetooth range of 30 metres, so you do not have to be directly next to your mobile phone for Handi SOS to work. The maximum range will be affected by obstructions.

We do not advise sending Handi SOS SMS messages to landline numbers.

Firstly, check you have the correct system requirements and that it’s up to date.

Restart the app.

If the problem persists, try deleting the and reinstalling the Handi SOS App.

Note: Huawei phones are not compatible with many Android apps due to security concerns with this phone manufacturer.

Your personal data is kept in the app on your phone. We do not have access to this information.

Yes, every Handi SOS comes with manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes, Handi SOS works worldwide!

None at all. There are no subscription or monthly fees. Handi SOS works by sending a signal to your mobile phone which does all the work, sending alert messages out to your selected contacts via mobile data.

Please note: roaming data charges may apply depending on your mobile network provider when sending messages abroad.

Yes. Unpair Handi SOS from your mobile first.

Currently, one Handi SOS will be active at a time.

If you pair multiple Handi SOS buttons to a phone, the closest button in range will connect. 

Handi SOS is water-resistant, but not water proof. Though, if you’d like to go swimming with your Handi SOS, stick it in a small zip lock bag to keep it safe. You can purchase one from our shop.

Handi SOS is powered by a lithium coin battery, which can degrade in extreme temperatures.

If out in the cold, be sure to keep it in your pocket to avoid battery issues.

Up to 5 contacts at a time.

iOS 9.0 or above.

Android 6 or above.

Bluetooth 4.0 or above,
iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch,
Handi SOS App running in background,
Network signal and/or wifi.

If you are using Handi SOS, only you will need to have your Bluetooth turned on and paired with your smartphone. None of your emergency contacts will need to have their Bluetooth on, or even have the Handi SOS app installed. When you click Handi SOS, your contacts will receive a SMS text message with your alert and location.

No, your emergency contacts can be anywhere in the world – they will be receiving a SMS text message with the alert and your location. When we say ‘a maximum of 30m’, we mean that Handi SOS must be a maximum distance of 30m from YOUR phone in order to pair wirelessly.