Child Criminal Exploitation

Child Criminal Exploitation

We all know about the drastic rise in violent crime spurred on by misdirection, social media and or a sense of deep inequality.

I wonder what we can do about the kids that are already deep in the game. What could we possibly offer those who’ve had a taste, at the age of 11, of a fresh pair of £200 Nike Airs, the sense of importance brought on by carrying tens of thousands of pounds in cash in their backpack (albeit, not wholly theirs), or the feeling of power and control after their first experience of pointing a knife at someone and gaining their possessions. Perhaps, even the neediness of a Class A user, who begs for what they have and will do anything to get it is enough to bring on a sense of empowerment in a confusing and testosterone fuelled period of their lives.

I don’t know what we can offer them. All I know is that we must put our faith and trust (which I know you all have in abundance), in the justice system for those who are caught.

What I do know, is that there are more young people at this moment than you can comprehend that are on the cusp of being the next robbery or county lines suspect.

We may have a week, or a month, before a child goes from seeing his Playstation or his football as his prized possession, and replaces it with a knife; knowing that he has a seemingly endless supply of possessions at the point of it.

My generation grew up with a Rolex being a symbol of achievement. Now, this generation and the next, and the next, see the appropriation of a Rolex as a lucky hit, or for the more experienced or clever, a targeted hit.

We need to target those who are on the cusp. Those who that, if they had a magic button which could tell those they trust that they need help and displaying exactly where they are, they would press it.

Handi SOS was made for these young people; the next generation of either suspects or inspirational minds with so much to give. Until they choose to point that knife, or sell those drugs without acting under duress, they are victims.

We haven’t got long.

I ask you to consider Handi SOS as a way to help turn the lives of the future generations of young people from negative, to positive.

Peter J. Woods
Founder & CEO, Handi SOS

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