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Check out Fuse-Innovation, our partners for custom made, branded B2B projects

As businesses, we are all looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from our competition and find that little something extra that gives us an edge and makes us look amazing in the eyes of our important target audience – whether it be customers or prospects.

We think Handi SOS could be the perfect gadget for you as a genuinely meaningful and helpful branded product / promotional merchandise item.

What makes it so cool and why it is the perfect B2B corporate product?

– It is a novel, unique and more importantly USEFUL product that really has a positive, value-adding impact on its users.

– Handi SOS is a product that really shows that you care. You cannot put a price on the security and well being of the people you care about and this device works when you are in a challenging situation and seconds matter, and you need to alert your selected SOS contacts quickly and discreetly.

– The app is FREE to use (on going) and once set up

– your Handi SOS battery, will last for many months (around 6-8 months) depending on use

– It has a replaceable battery feature meaning it has further on-going use

– NO MONTHLY FEES or extra charges

– It can be branded with your logo so its not just a genuinely useful product, but will be a constant reminder of your brand and reinforcing how much you care 

– We can customise the packaging design for you depending on how many you want in the box. We can even work with you to customise the style and design of the custom printed outer box

– There are low MOQs for custom branded products – just 100 units

– Fast lead times:

Branded = approx 3-6 weeks depending on the quantity (these are custom made units, not retro branded)

Un-Branded = approx 7-10 days (subject to stock availability and quantity)

– A reasonably priced product for the value and longevity it delivers.

Please get in touch to discuss you custom produced Handi SOS project.

We look forward to hearing from you.