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5 steps

The 5 Step Guide To Your Personal Safety With Handi SOS

Handi SOS! Panic Button. Distress button. Emergency button. Call it what you wish, Handi SOS is the little safety button invented to help protect loved ones if they get into trouble. Handi SOS is a personal safeguarding device. It’s a small, battery powered bluetooth button and app that pairs with your smartphone. When the button…
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Child Criminal Exploitation

We all know about the drastic rise in violent crime spurred on by misdirection, social media and or a sense of deep inequality. I wonder what we can do about the kids that are already deep in the game. What could we possibly offer those who’ve had a taste, at the age of 11, of…
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Introducing the Handi SOS Affiliate Programme. Become an affiliate and earn commission

Happy new year Handi SOS clan! We’re celebrating the new year by introducing our brand new Handi SOS Affiliate Programme. It’s free to sign up and using your custom URL, you’ll earn commission on sales you’ve helped in securing. It’s easy to set up and once you’ve joined, you’ll receive a dedicated URL to share…
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Handi SOS Android App is back, revamped and prettier than ever

  The Handi SOS upgraded app has been released onto the Google Play Store click here to download We loved the design of our iOS app soooo much that we decided to redevelop the Android app so it was as beautiful, user friendly and intuitive and the iOS app. With the new Handi SOS Android…
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telegraph ski show

WhatCharity/Handi SOS Competition – VOTE NOW

We at Handi Technologies teamed up with WhatCharity to put on an exclusive competition prior to the release of Handi SOS Mk2, which includes iOS support and a replaceable battery. So – with help from WhatCharity, we put together a little Q&A; whoever gave the best replies would become a finalist with the opportunity to…
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coming soon

New Features & Future App Updates

Handi SOS New Features & Future App Updates Updates and new features for Handi SOS coming in 2019 – check them out! iOS App – Great news! Our number 1 request has been heard! iOS support is just around the corner. We’ve been working with one of the best developers around to get Handi SOS…
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handi technologies

Who Are Handi Technologies?

Handi Technologies Ltd Company Info Who are Handi Technologies? Handi Technologies released the Handi SOS in March 2018 Handi SOS. It was formally launched at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show in October 2018 and since then, has led the way for a new age of personal safety devices. This was founder and MD, Peter…
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Top 10 reasons to own a Handi SOS

If there’s one thing we ask ourselves when hearing about a new gadget, the main question is ‘why?‘ Here’s 10 reasons we think you should own the best panic button around. Peace of mind – What is it we most aspire to have in life? Whatever your ambitions, I can guarantee that there’s a little…
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