Who are Handi Technologies?

Handi Technologies released the Handi SOS in March 2018 Handi SOS. It was formally launched at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show in October 2018 and since then, has led the way for a new age of personal safety devices.

This was founder and MD, Peter Woods’ first product, having previously worked as a session musician performing for the British and American troops in Jordan, Bahrain, Dubai, Afghanistan and Europe, as well as working with corporations such as BP (British Petroleum).

After working for SEGA as a Quality Assurance Technician, Woods decided to use technical knowledge and creativity to innovate a modern panic alarm using modern technology to improve response times to serious incidents – the logical conclusion was to create a simple device which enabled the user to be able to contact large groups of people for help the second they needed it with complete discretion.

Our next project will be the creation of personal CCTV coverage at your fingertips. Stay tuned – scheduled for UK release in 2022.

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