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Slide Handi SOS is a little portable, battery powered bluetooth button and app that pairs with your smart phone allowing you to notify selected contacts you need help..

..even if you can’t reach your phone.
wear it What is Handi SOS?

Slide When pressed, the Handi SOS button sends a text message and your Google Maps location to the people you wish to inform that you are in need of help. What does it do?

Why was Handi SOS created?

Panic alarms and distress buttons are expensive – incurring ongoing fees which pay for control centres to forward SOS alerts to emergency contacts. Ongoing fees can be from £80 to £230 per year for each device – but with Handi SOS there are NO ongoing fees.

Response times to emergencies is slowed by messages being sent first to control centres, then forwarded to emergency contacts. The call centres then rely on emergency contacts answering their phones at that moment.

Current hardware buttons are outdated, clunky in design, unattractive and off-putting. They also fail to utilize modern technology such as Google Maps.

Handi SOS solves this problem by making distress buttons that are affordable and up to date with modern technology (including Google Maps). Handi SOS is the future of safeguarding, Handi SOS is the World’s Safest Button.

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How does it work?

Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the little coin sized button is paired with your phone. When pressed, the button sends a signal to your phone and the Handi SOS app instructs your phone to send a text message with your location to the contacts you have selected. These contacts will receive the SMS text message with your Google Maps location.


“Handi SOS ensures the safety of both staff and clients and maintain the quality of our work.”

Solace Women’s Aid

“This is a life saving intervention for some of our most high risk victims and we would love to be able to offer this help and if financially viable could roll-out to the thousands of high risk women we support each year. We support over 16,000 women and children each year. Having something like this device to provide an extra layer of safety will have practical and emotional benefits to those who are trying to rebuild their lives after abuse.”


“Handi SOS is great to offer a way of protecting our volunteers on home visits and support a new company promote such a simple, but great device.”

Isaac Kenyon

“I am an adventurer and have used Handi SOS in the most remote of areas in Switzerland recently and it picked up low signal and did the job very efficiently and fast. I know this is now an additional safety measure I can take on my adventures whether hiking, skiing, climbing or even water sports. If your an outdoors person I would highly recommend as it is always safer to have this than not.”

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Sam Newman

“A safety button that gave me a feeling of security whilst cycling 1000 miles across the UK. Like wearing a seatbelt or a helmet on a bike. You put it on, and hopefully you’ll never use it. But it’s there.”

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absolute snow

JR & Gloria – USA

“I purchased a Handi SOS for my 88 year old mom a few months ago. This product is simply amazing and the app user interface is easy to use. If mom were to fall down, or experience distress, all she needs to do is press the button and a text message appears on my phone within a few seconds.

Due to this amazing invention, Mom feels very safe with the button she wears on her necklace.

Zero monthly fees, and there is no longer a need to worry about her safety while I am at work.
Thank you Handi SOS!”


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